The Power of Testimony

Read Jeremiah 51:1–64


Mike nervously stood before his congregation to tell how God had healed him of severe joint pain. Afterward, his pastor asked him to pray for others who needed healing. An elderly woman moved slowly from her seat, in obvious pain.


Mike offered a quiet prayer. “How do you feel?” he asked cautiously.


The woman stretched out her legs and smiled broadly. “I was in tremendous pain a moment ago,” she reported, “but it’s all gone now!”


When God does something powerful in our lives, we have a responsibility to share the good news.


“The Lord has vindicated us; come, let us tell in Zion what the Lord our God has done” (Jeremiah 51:10).


Too often fear keeps us from talking. But God wants us to release the testimony of what He has done so others can receive a blessing. When we share our stories, it builds the faith of others and allows God to do similar things for them.


Challenge for Today:

Share with someone a story of God’s work in your life.

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