EPHOD Pioneers

Reverends Herb and Karen Johnson are ordained ministers of the Assemblies of God USA. They earned Bachelor degrees from Evangel University, Springfield, MO and Master Degrees from Indiana University, Terre Haute, IN. Herb and Karen are the parents of two children; Kevin and Kristi and four grandchildren: Dillon, Kayla, David and Ian.Herb and Karen Johnson

The Johnsons were appointed Assembly of God missionaries in 1974. While serving as missionaries, the Johnsons saw the need for discipleship training in the Assembly of God churches. From this need came the EPHOD Discipleship Church Strengthening Seminars. The seminars were developed to help pastors train believers for works of service found in Ephesians 4: 11& 12.

Since 1975 they have lived in several countries including; Ethiopia, Kenya, France, Belgium, Tahiti, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Their extensive travels while preaching the Gospel have given them a key insight into what Christians need to strengthen their walk with Jesus. They have developed a cross-cultural platform that will assist all believers in becoming better disciples. This program entitled EPHOD is presented in 13 seminars that will dramatically change your life. EPHOD is an acronym for Every Person Household Oikos Discipled. The Johnson’s firmly believe Christians should commit themselves to fulfilling Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 28:19 “to go and make disciples.” They have lived their lives by this verse and they make it a key element of the EPHOD process.

Herb and Karen Johnson spent over 10 years developing EPHOD. Their dedication and hard work has resulted in a very extensive program on discipleship that covers almost all of the foundational principles of Christianity. They have presented the EPHOD seminars in many countries to hundreds of people in countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea. Currently they are on a massive tour of Papua New Guinea presenting EPHOD. The people of PNG are excited about EPHOD and are filling the churches for the entire seminar. This is an exciting time for the church there and the Johnson’s are a key part of the great revival going on in this country. They are willing to go to places deep in PNG where there is no electricity or running water. They have indeed brought EPHOD to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Today EPHOD is available online and on DVDs. Now you can follow along with the Johnson’s from the comfort of your own home. Please continue to pray for the Johnsons as they continue to take their EPHOD seminars to hungry Christians around the world.