Ever-Present Power

Read 2 Chronicles 36:1–8; Daniel 1:1 through 4:37

King Nebuchadnezzar demanded that his sorcerers and astrologers tell him what he had dreamt, then interpret it. How quickly their pride in their supposed superhuman abilities was humbled. These “wise men” said only the gods could tell dreams, not man!

Though they had pagan “gods” in mind, the magicians were right—only a divine being can discern man’s thoughts and dreams. The sorcerers were bewildered by how to fulfill their task, but Daniel was not. Wisely, he asked the king for time, using it to seek the One True God for the meaning of the king’s night vision (Daniel 2:16). When Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar his dream as well as interpreted it, the king praised God as the supreme deity and made Daniel chief administrator to other wise men. This story is one in a series of accounts in Daniel where God is recognized as the ultimate source of power.

Through individuals like Daniel and his friends who were faithful to Him, God proved that He was greater than idols, fire, and lions. This pattern of God’s power proving superior to any force or situation can also be a part of our lives.

Thought for Today:

Whatever our circumstances, God’s presence and power are available to us.

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