Work Is a Gift

Read Numbers 3:1 through 4:49

God made work assignments through Moses. There were no complaints of, “I’d rather carry the curtains than the poles.” Each person accepted his assignment.

At the Lord’s command through Moses, each was assigned his work and told what to carry. Thus they were counted, as the Lord commanded Moses (Numbers 4:49).

No job is perfect, but all work can be meaningful when a person brings God into his environment. Practicing God’s presence in the workplace—or wherever—is an art. Brother Lawrence, a monk in the 1600s who worked in the kitchen of the monastery, learned this art. Though he was relatively uneducated, many came to him for counsel because of the peace he exhibited. His story is documented in a book called, Practice of the Presence of God. He says he experienced God’s peace in the noisy distractions of his kitchen as much as if he were praying.

Whether a person collects garbage, cleans streets, or works in a corporate office, the Lord waits to be brought into this environment.

Challenge for Today:

Carry God’s peace into all you do.

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