We Are Accountable

Read Ezekiel 18:1 through 20:49

Aliesha had purposely sat alone in the college cafeteria to study for her French final. Distracted by conversations around her, she hadn’t even read her first page of notes. At the table next to her, Brenda bragged about shoplifting some earrings. Behind her, Melissa angrily spouted that her boyfriend had cheated on her. On the way to the exam room, Aliesha met her roommate, who said, “I just took the French final. I heard that
my prof uses the same exam as yours. Do you want to know some of the questions?”

Doesn’t anyone practice good ethics? Aliesha thought as she walked to the classroom, having refused her roommate’s offer.

Each person bears the consequences for her or his own behavior, and will not be charged with the wrongdoing of her or his parents or anyone else (Ezekiel 18:4). In the same way, God expects every believer to follow principles of holiness, such as not robbing others, and worshipping Him alone.

Surrounded by subjective morality, Christians can practice Scripture-based morality, knowing that each believer is accountable for the choices she or he makes.

Thought for Today:

Living rebelliously leads to death, but righteous living promises life.

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