Voice of Affirmation

Read Genesis 15:1 through 17:27

Sam came from a family that had little. He learned to work hard, but battled demeaning thoughts: You are a failure. You will always be a failure. You are a small, inadequate person! Though he was a Christian, and prayed every morning, when he went out his front door he was overwhelmed by feelings of smallness and comparison.

God led him to a small assembly where he heard this message: “Don’t doubt what God can do through you!”

Sam stood astounded by such an affirmation. Contrary to the feelings he battled, there was a God who loved him and believed in the best for him. The Lord led him to four years of Bible training, and then to a lifetime of ministry. God’s leading became a persistent, loving light.

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6).

Like the owner of a radio, you choose the station to which you will listen. Will you hear and amplify God’s voice of love? Will you believe what He says about you?

Prayer Suggestion:

Lord, I will believe in who You are, what You have said, and what You say about me.

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