The Gospel Team

Read Philippians 1:1 through 4:23

It is great to be on a winning team. There’s nothing like working together with a group of people to accomplish more than we could as individuals. TEAM is a common acronym for Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Paul was thankful for his “team” at Philippi.

I thank my God every time I remember you . . . because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now (Philippians 1:3,5).

Paul viewed the people at Philippi as his partners in spreading the message of Jesus Christ. From the very first day he went to Philippi and they believed, they helped him spread the gospel. They prayed for him, supported him, and encouraged him.

God has designed the Church to work together in spreading the name of Christ. Just like Paul had a team at Philippi, every local church should work as a team. God has given different gifts to different people so local churches can reach as many people as possible. It’s great to be a part of God’s team.

Challenge for Today:

Find your place on God’s team and see what He can do through you.

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