Teach the Children

Read Psalms 74:1 through 78:72

He decreed statutes for Jacob and established the law in Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach their children (Psalm 78:5).

God decreed statutes. These statutes as a whole comprised the Law. Those who received the Law were to teach the children. Those children, once they grew to adulthood, were to teach the next generation. This was to continue in perpetuity.

It is God’s command to pass His Word down from one generation to the next. Nations are made up of communities, families, and individuals, and the Bible is foundational to all. The local church, if it is to span into future generations, must focus on the children.

Adults can often tolerate mediocrity in some areas: quality of facilities, music, and even on occasion a poor sermon or two. But parents want the best teaching for their children. Eternity is at stake. The teaching ministry of today must return its focus to establishing God’s Word in the hearts of children. Along with the teaching, the mandate to pick up the teaching mantle for the next generation must also be taught.

Challenge for Today:

Make teaching the children in your care a priority.

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