Solomon Turns from God

Read 1 Kings 9:1 through 11:43

God had promised to bless Solomon as king of Israel, but Solomon was required to follow God’s commands. God would cut Solomon off from the land and turn His back on the temple if Solomon ever turned about from God and His commands.

King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women . . . They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love (1 Kings 11:1–2).

Solomon’s foreign wives led him down the wrong path. He worshipped their false gods and built high places so they could worship and sacrifice to their gods.

God told Solomon that because he disobeyed, He would take away the kingdom after Solomon died. The kingdom was then divided into two kingdoms. Solomon’s son was allowed to rule over the smaller portion. Solomon’s disobedience had cost him and his kingdom dearly.

Thought for Today:

If you obey and honor God, He will bless you. Trouble comes when you disobey God.

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