Power or Position?

Read Jeremiah 38:1 through 40:16

Dogs don’t care about titles. They aren’t impressed by lineage or money. They do, however, seem to be better- than-average judges of character. In a household full of people, they figure out whom they can count on. The titles of master or owner mean nothing to them. Dogs tend to evaluate people based on their actions, not the position they hold. God also looks at actions and isn’t impressed with titles.

“Take him and look after him; don’t harm him but do for him whatever he asks” (Jeremiah 39:12).

While one would think the order to do no harm would be directed toward the treatment of a king, God had orchestrated this treatment for His prophet Jeremiah, who had faithfully carried unwelcome truth to the king and people of Jerusalem. Jeremiah had no title, and no power of his own, but God protected him. High-ranking officials were sometimes given special treatment, even from enemy countries. Zedekiah had the title of king, but, in the end, his disobedience meant much more than his title.

Thought for Today:

If you seek power and position, let it be God’s power and the position of child of the Most High God.

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