Is It Worth It?

Read Ecclesiastes 1:1 through 4:16


Gabe worked hard every day, enduring the unreasonable demands of his boss. Gabe’s family had what many considered the American essentials: a house, two cars, a computer, smartphones, plenty of playthings, and an annual vacation. They also had ongoing bills and increasing dissatisfaction with life. No matter what new gadget or experience they acquired, they always wanted more. Gabe wondered if life had any real purpose.


What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? (Ecclesiastes 1:3).


Solomon wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes to answer this very question. He had tried everything “under the sun” and had great wealth and wisdom, yet life still seemed meaningless—apart from God.


Only by connecting with the Lord and viewing life through His lens can people understand life’s purpose and find satisfaction. Human worth does not come from what people do or what they have, but from who they are. As children of God, Christians have divine purpose. He knows who they are, and He will never forget or forsake any of them.


Thought for Today:

I matter eternally to God.

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