Incoming Message

Read Nahum 1:1 through 3:19


“Yes, Quinn, we had telephones when I was your age.” Grandmother smiled as she answered her small grandson’s question. “But when we talked to someone far away it was very expensive, so we didn’t do it very often. Also, when you got a long distance call it was usually very important news—and often bad.”


Look, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news, who proclaims peace! Celebrate your festivals, Judah, and fulfill your vows. No more will the wicked invade you; they will be completely destroyed (Nahum 1:15).


In Bible times a personal messenger usually brought important news, and it could well be bad. Yet in Nahum’s illustration, God’s news from afar was good. Judah was not just to be restored but preserved.


That’s exactly the same message we bear when we bring the good news of salvation to others. It is good news that offers what God offered Israel—forgiveness and restoration.


Prayer Suggestion:

Pray especially for those with whom you can share God’s good news of salvation.

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