God Is Always There

Read Isaiah 44:1 through 48:22

Sunlight was streaming through the windows of the Boeing 747. Then, without warning, the light disappeared. The plane had climbed into a dark cloud. Finally, the big plane tilted upward into the bright sunshine again. Outside the window was a beautiful sight. The sunlight was shining on the clouds beneath the plane, turning the clouds to gold. They were dark underneath, but gold on top. God was there equally in the darkness and the sunlight, just as He is in our lives.

God used Cyrus, king of Persia, to carry out His plan in the life of Israel. He promised to give Cyrus supernatural assistance and blessings, including “the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places” (Isaiah 45:3). These blessings would confirm to Cyrus that God had called him by name to serve Him.

Is the pathway you are following hidden or blurred by the darkness of suffering and trial through which you are walking? Believe that God’s Word and His presence are the same in the darkness as in the daylight, and you will find beautiful things in the darkness if you trust Him. He will not fail to guide you, as his never-failing sunshine is just above your clouds!


God’s presence does not leave us when we step into the dark places.

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