Strength for the Day

Read Isaiah 39:1 through 42:25


Helen kissed her husband as he went out the door and then hurried to get her three young daughters ready for school. Moments later, she waved good-bye as the school bus carried her precious cargo down the street. She then quietly turned back into the house and the welcomed solitude. After retrieving her Bible from the kitchen table, she walked past a few dirty dishes, ignored the beeping of the dryer, and sat in her favorite chair.


She opened the pages and then spoke to the One who is invisible but ever present: “Dear Father, thank You for everything. I could never be the wife and mother I long to be without Your help. But this time now is just for us.” She quietly read about God’s provision.


He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak (Isaiah 40:29).


It’s easy to be pushed, driven, and drained by the demands of life. Fortunately, God is there to give strength to us when we are weak and weary, and it doesn’t matter what kind of strength we need.


Thought for Today:

If you know and believe that God is carrying you, why not put your heavy load upon Him?

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