Read 1 Chronicles 1:1 through 3:24

When a new family member is born, his or her name gets written on the family tree. God alone knows the future for that child. David’s name on his family’s registry probably seemed unimpressive.

The sixth Ozem and the seventh David (1 Chronicles 2:15).

That is it. He was the seventh son. Nothing significant appears in this verse, unless you know the rest of the story. David later became one of Israel’s most important kings, surpassed only by Jesus. He was called a man after God’s own heart. The least of the family became the greatest in the kingdom of Israel.

Do you feel insignificant at times? The location of your name on the family registry or the title on your office door may not be impressive, but God knows your worth. He is so impressed with you that He wrote your name in a book in heaven (see Revelation 21:27). It lists all the names of His family and records the deeds done in faith by all believers. You are significant in the Kingdom of God.

Thought for Today:

The insignificant become notable in the Kingdom of God.